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There is not and cannot be any reason to justify a war

There is not and cannot be any reason to justify a war

We observe very different reactions to what is happening today in Ukraine - from natural for us rejection of aggression and support for Ukraine to justifying the actions of the Russian Federation.

We don’t even want to talk about those who support this war, which has already led to the destruction of our cities and the killing of civilians. We can't call them human.

We want to talk about those who seem to be against the war, but for one or another reason do not want to leave their “comfort zone”. These are some international structures, some heads of educational and cultural institutions, some business representatives, and just people from whom this terrible war is far away. The reasons for this behavior are different. Someone simply does not want to delve into what is happening in Ukraine and upset themselves. Someone justifies their behavior by “apoliticality”. Someone believes that scientists and artists should create and not interfere in public affairs. And it's scary.

After all, war is not about politics. War is always a crime, destruction and killing of civilians. There is not and cannot be any reason to justify a war. Tolerance for war is unacceptable. It corrupts those who start wars and lays the groundwork for justifying the violence of the strong against the weak.

You cannot create pieces of art or engage in science and justify violence against a person. You cannot fight climate change or advance the agenda for achieving SDGs, and at the same time be tolerant of war as such. You can't talk about building a sustainable infrastructure and be calm about the destruction of cities. You cannot create "People First PPP" model and turn a blind eye to the killing of civilians. This is incompatible.

If we do not call everything by its right name, if we do not start working together to prevent wars and punish their initiators, we will not only have no sustainable development, but also no future.

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