Академія Публічно-Приватного Партнерства


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About the role of Public-Private Partnership in achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in Russian

Монография русский – 2013
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The monograph outlines the basics of regulation of heat supply markets, gives an assessment of the most wide spread models of organization of these markets in the world and recommendations on the optimal model for Ukraine

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The results of research in the field of formation and implementation of housing policy of Ukraine and improvement on this basis of legal regulation of housing markets and housing and communal services are presented in the monograph. Recommendations for improving the housing legislation of Ukraine in this area are provided.

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This book is about public-private partnership, its essence and peculiarities of using this mechanism in the developing economies

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A book about housing and communal infrastructure, its role in socio-economic development, the financial security system and reforms in this area.

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The monograph highlights the theoretical and methodological principles of public finance development in Ukraine in terms of introducing into the budget process a mechanism of economic growth based on the concept of two budgets.

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