Академія Публічно-Приватного Партнерства

Standard on Private-Public Partnerships/Concession Model law

Standard on Private-Public Partnerships/Concession Model law

The “Standard on Private-Public Partnerships/Concession Model law” was adopted on the sixth session of the Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) on 2nd December 2022

The purpose of this legal framework is to establish the Standard for Public-Private Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals (PPPs for the SDGs) and the contracts that give effect to them, including the rules and procedures governing their selection, preparation, appraisal, procurement and implementation, the contractual principles and institutional arrangements applicable to them, and assist in the orderly and coordinated delivery of PPPs.

This Model Law was prepared during over five years by the following team: Christopher Clement-Davies, Bruno de Cazalet, Chris Shugart, Don Wallace, Prof. Iryna Zapatrina, W.A. Timmermans, Vladimir Kilinkarov, Alexei Zverev, Alexander Dolgov and other PPP experts. Many others took part in editing this document, in particular, the WAPPP President Ziad Alexandre Hayek, Prof. Steven Van Garsse, Prof. Raymond Saner, Sedef Yavuz Noyan.

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